Exciting New Research in the Treatment of Low Back Pain

Back pain is a very common problem in the UK, and is common across all types of people – the young, the old, men, women, children, manual laborers, office workers and even celebrity athletes like Andy Murray! In the UK, one study showed that an estimated 9.3 million working days are lost through musculoskeletal disorders (that is, pain caused by severe stiffness in joints or tightness in muscles) every year. Other research has confirmed that musculoskeletal pain the second most common reason for someone going to see their GP, accounting for up to 30% of GP visits. Low back pain is also a common problem among new parents or parents of toddlers, as a result of carrying their little bundles of joy about with them.

In an exciting study published in the British Medical Journal, doctors and researchers looked for the most effective treatments. Over 740 patients were given either standard hospital care (including painkillers and referral to physiotherapy) or chiropractic care (including massage, joint manipulation, exercises and advice). The results of the study were striking. Patients who had received chiropractic care had less pain than those treated with hospital care, and 66% of patients said that chiropractic had significantly helped their back pain.

In themselves these results are not surprising, as it is well-known that chiropractic care is very effective. However, what the researchers were particularly impressed with was that, when they went back to those same patients 3 years later, all of the chiropractic patients had continued to improve, even when they weren’t having treatment. However, a significant number of the hospital patients had relapsed and were now in pain again.

Chiropractors are specialists in musculoskeletal pain and use their hands to make gentle, specific adjustments (the chiropractic word for manipulation) to improve mobility of the joints, release tension in muscles, improve the state of the nervous system and reduce pain. Chiropractors do not use any drugs or surgery in their treatment. Chiropractors treat a whole range of musculoskeletal conditions, including neck pain, shoulder, knee and hip pain, arthritis, headaches and sport injuries. We also treat low back pain, including low back pain caused by slipped discs, trapped nerves and pregnancy or difficult childbirth.

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