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What's different about Flourish?

Consultation with the patient

Maybe you've seen a dozen different health care professionals and none of it has helped your pain.

Maybe you've got a whole bookcase full of scans and consultant letters.

Maybe you've tried everything you can think of and you don't know where to turn next.

Don't worry! We're used to all of that!

Here at Flourish, the most important thing is the patient. We focus on what's important to you, help you set goals and use our expertise to get you pain free and enjoying life again. We do this in 4 key ways:

  1. Understanding pain – we know that pain is not just about what hurts. It's also about the things you love to do but can't. It's about fear of movement and the emotional frustration that goes along with that. It's about being a good employee or parent or friend. Here at Flourish we don't just want to get you better, we want to empower you to stay better.

Understanding pain

  1. Listening to you – every patient's pain is different, and every patient wants different things from their treatment. We take the time to work out what's important to you and focus our attention on achieving that. This may involve lots of discussion, and it might also include filling out questionnaires.

Listening to you

  1. Getting to the bottom of it – our first visit includes a thorough examination to test your health from top to toe. We test your muscles, joints, bones, nerves, biomechanics and your general health. We leave no stone unturned.

Thorough examination

  1. Constantly improving our skills – we're always learning! We stay up to date with the latest evidence and research, and we regularly review our practice to make sure we're giving you the best possible care.

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