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Flourish Chiropractic exists to change the lives of people suffering in chronic pain by empowering them to manage their health. If you want to start your journey to relief & better quality of life, contact us today.

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Flourish Chiropractic is the home-clinic of Dr Julia Gover. Here you can receive treatment in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that still feels very professional. When you visit Flourish Chiropractic, you can be assured of a warm welcome and plenty of time to discuss your condition and the goals of your treatment.

Julia understands that pain is more than the sensation of hurt, and that persistent pain can limit activity and enjoyment of life. This can lead to frustration, anxiety and even depression. Her patients range from those who have never had any form of treatment before, to those who have seen multiple healthcare professionals and gained little or no relief. Julia is deeply privileged to help her patients out of this downwards spiral and towards a life where they can flourish.